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InCanada introduced the East Friesian to the United States as purebreds and the breed quickly caught on in local dairy operations.

Wool worth information

This article is over 9 years old Woolworths: In the 99 years since it established a UK presence in Liverpool, millions of us have wandered down its aisles in search of our first record or to choose a pair of cheap football boots.

Founded by Frank Winfield Woolworth, a brash, anglophile American who claimed he could trace his family routes back to Wooley in Cambridgeshire, Woolworths had dozens of outlets across the US by the time it arrived on British shores, and its owner had already made his fortune.

Woolworth travelled to Europe to source goods for the company and harboured an ambition to bring his American retailing sensation to the old country.

Wool worth information

His instincts were right, although it was 19 years before he was finally able to prove it. It opened in Church Street on Friday November 5 to enthusiastic reviews from the local press. Predictably, perhaps, the Daily Mail, was less enthusiastic, declaring the American upstarts had chosen Liverpool so they could make a quick escape back home once their venture failed, leaving their unpaid debts behind them.

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The company expanded rapidly. In the mids, it was opening a store every 17 days, to the delight of local councillors who regarded the arrival of its distinctive red fascia as a stamp of approval for their town.

The first Woolworths to dispense with traditional counters and serving staff opened in Cobham, Surrey, in Marchbut the revamp was only used in new stores. Rivals, including supermarkets, who rolled out the new concept faster, soon began to eat into its market share.

In the s, an average of 15 stores were closed each year to fund the renovation of more modern outlets but, at the start of the s, Woolworths still had 1, shops and was beginning to expand into out-of-town locations.

Inthe US Woolies, now owned by a rival American retailer, announced it was closing its remaining FW Woolworth stores, but its British arm remained in rude health.

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Since then, it has struggled to fend for itself, battling stock shortages, facing an aborted bid attempt by retail billionaire Sir Philip Green, issuing profit warnings and failing to persuade a new generation of shoppers to visit its increasingly unfashionable stores.

The enthusiasm which greeted its arrival in the UK has been replaced by indifference from consumers and, aside from the pick and mix confectionery counter, it is no longer clear what the store is for.

Unlike the shoe polish, tea towels and cheap china plates it stocks, Woolies has outlived its usefulness and many of its products can be bought more cheaply elsewhere. This has been corrected.China is the largest supplier of the raw material needed to make cashmere wool, but Europe has mastered cashmere manufacturing methods, and has cornered the market on premium quality.

However, the collecting of point blankets is a rather new field and it is expected as more information becomes available to collectors that even higher prices will be reached. I have yet to confirm the rumour, apparently circulated on the Antiques Road Show, that certain point blankets are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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