Utilitarianism and kantian ethics essay example

The Ethics of Abortion: To what extent do you think they are successful in resolving the controversies? Contrary to Utilitarianism, Buddhism has a very clear view on when life begins: Like Kant, Buddhists believe that life is sacred and have a very positive view of human beings.

Utilitarianism and kantian ethics essay example

As we have discussed in previous essays, Kant believed that moral rules could be known through reason and not just by observation Shaw and Barry Utilitarianism concentrates on producing the greatest amount of happiness and using it as a standard to determine if an action is right or wrong Shaw and Barry This good will would make people act out of a sense of duty and not for example, out of self-interest or emotion.

Kant used a categorical imperative to determine an actions moral worth. This imperative states that we should always act to will the maxim, or subjective principle, of that action into a universal law Shaw and Barry I believe Kant would say that insider trading was immoral because inside traders typically act out of self-interest.

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To prove it a maxim for inside traders could read as follows: From an organizational standpoint, Kant believed we should follow the rules laid out for us regardless of the outcome and that we should act on principles when making moral decisions. While the insiders save themselves from disaster the rest of the investors lose heavily.

This is also an example of using people as means to an end, which is forbidden by Kant, because the families and livelihoods of investors have been put at risk in order for a chosen few to save themselves from disaster.

Utilitarianism states that we must evaluate how our actions will affect everyone involved in certain situations. If the results of our actions net more good or happiness than bad for all of us, compared to any other action, then this is the correct action to take Shaw and Barry A utilitarian could deem insider trading either moral or immoral depending on the net of good or bad from the action and the relationship the stock holder has to the organization, such as someone with a fiduciary relationship to the organization as opposed to a rival looking to take over.

For example, if the insider information was good news for the company, it would cause a rise in stock prices and all investors could benefit from it. Another example would be if an insider came to possess information that would potentially put the company out of business, would it be immoral for this insider to pass it along to a rival?

This could potentially save jobs that would create more happiness for all. The problem with utilitarianism in this aspect is that it leaves room for immoral actions to be considered moral based on a result and not on the character of the action itself.

Utilitarianism and kantian ethics essay example

Utilitarianism seems to blur that line by deciding if an action is good or bad based on what any individual or group of individuals feel is best for them. The greater good for that group could produce the most happiness for them making their actions moral.

This is why I agree with Kant over utilitarianism.Act Utilitarianism and Kantian ethical theories in business Essay Sample.

Utilitarianism and kantian ethics essay example

Businesses in today’s world raise many ethical issues and it is important to understand which . Utilitarian Ethics OPTION “A” Write a ‘contrast’ essay dealing with the major distinction between utilitarian and deontological reasoning.

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Make reference to all relevant aspects of the two positions including the ‘act’ and ‘rule’ versions along with pertinent examples that clarify your answer. In this essay we will discuss what Kant’s and a utilitarian’s view on insider trading would be. As we have discussed in previous essays, Kant believed that moral rules could be known through reason and not just by observation (Shaw and Barry 69).

Kant or Utilitarianism. 7 July Ethics; For example, if the insider information.  Utilitarianism Essay Fields, Vickie Grand Canyon University: PHI November 9, Utilitarianism Essay Utilitarianism is a theory in ethics regarding actions that maximize utility Utilitarianism is human- centered and has a foundation of morality.

Utilitarianism Essay Sample. The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC. Pages: Word count: ; It will also compare utilitarianism to egoism, Kantian ethics, intuitionism and affirmative action.

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Next comes Kantian ethics. Kantian ethics is how one should act. Aug 21,  · What are some examples of utilitarianism ethics? Update Cancel. I’d like to offer something grounded in the business world as an example.

In business, utilitarianism can be applied to decision-making. While this is primarily an application of utilitarian thinking, one can think of it in terms of ethics if one so chooses. What are some.

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