Reaganomics the ronald reagan administration essay

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Reaganomics the ronald reagan administration essay

Reduce the growth of government spending. By reducing or eliminating decades-long social programswhile at the same time lowering taxes and marginal tax rates, Reagan's approach to handling the economy marked a significant departure from that of many of his predecessor's Keynesian policies.

Milton Friedmanthe monetarist economist who was an intellectual architect of free-market policies, was a primary influence on Reagan. These were considered the nation's principal economic problems and were all considered components of " stagflation.

His radical tax reforms, in combination with a curb on domestic social spending, harsh restraints applied by the Federal Reserve Board under Paul Volcker on the nation's money supply, and heavy government borrowing required to finance the budget and trade deficits, as well as military expenditures, produced significant economic expansion and reduced inflation.

Inflation was reduced by more than ten percentage points, reaching a low of 1. The misery index sank to 9. The number of children, ages 18 years and younger, below the poverty level increased from Also, the situation of low income groups was affected by the reduction of social spending, and inequality increased.


In contrast, the share of total income of the lowest fifth of households fell from 4. However, the marginal cuts were partially offset by bracket creep and increased Social Security rates the following year.

These policies were labeled by some as " Trickle-down economics ," [26] though others argue that the combination of significant tax cuts and a massive increase in Cold War related defense spending resulted in large budget deficits, [27] an expansion in the U. John Kenneth Galbraith called it "the largest and costliest venture in public misfeasance, malfeasance and larceny of all time.

However, Congress was reluctant to follow Reagan's proposed cuts in domestic programs.

In accordance with Reagan's less-government intervention views, many domestic government programs were cut or experienced periods of reduced funding during his presidency. Burfordresigned over alleged mismanagement of funds.

The President never told me what he believed or what he wanted to accomplish in the field of economics.

Reaganomics the ronald reagan administration essay

The subject came up in a cabinet meeting and he summarized what he had heard perfectly. He had a remarkably good memory for oral presentation and could fit information into his own philosophy and make decisions on it. However, fuel efficiency in cars and light trucks driven by Americans still increased by a larger amount between and compared to previous decades or the decades since.

Mundell wrote that the tax cuts "made the U. Bushreneged on a campaign promise and raised taxes. Nobel Prize—winning economist Robert Solow stated, "As for Reagan being responsible [for the s boom], that's far-fetched.

Reaganomics the ronald reagan administration essay

What we got in the Reagan years was a deep recession and then half a dozen years of fine growth as we climbed out of the recession, but nothing beyond that.ntil the first African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in , wealthy plantation owners relied on indentured servants for cheap labor.

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