Harry potter wrapping paper

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Harry potter wrapping paper

For years we have searched high and low for the most unique wrapping papers. We wanted to gift presents in a wrap that showed, just how much we care. What started out as a passion to wrap our gifts, in vintage paper, has now turned into a business. In just a few months of trading, we have become one of this sites top sellers of personalised wrapping paper.

We think the reason why, is the overall service that we provide. We aim to get orders processed as quickly as possible, many are dispatched the next working day.

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We also offer a free postage option to keep your costs down. If you go online now and search other reputable sellers you will see, not only are our wraps twice the size of most but they are also charging you a delivery charge.

This item is for one A1 size 24"x36" sheet of wrapping paper and two gift tags. Simply send us a message of the name you require.

Harry Potter Wrapping Paper • For The Love of Harry

We will do the rest. All of our wraps are intended to feel vintage. In order to achieve this, we use 90gsm white matt paper to print our exclusive designs on. We don't want to use the much thinner paper that you tend to get with shop bought wrapping paper.

As each design is intended to give a unique feel, we won't use glossy paper to produce our designs onto. Whether it is your best friends birthday or a cousin's wedding day. Give them a gift that is wrapped in a paper they will never forget. Quite a few of our customers have contacted us, just to say that some of their loved ones have kept their wrapping paper as a memento.

All of our papers have a wide range of uses.

Harry potter wrapping paper

Do you have an awkward shaped present to wrap? Our sheets are easily turned into a gift bag. Are you just giving the gift of flowers? We have had requests for the paper to be used on wedding reception place boards, and some brides have bought the paper to wrap their scrap books of the big day. We have even used our papers as unique table toppers for themed events.

Please note that if the paper does get wet, that the ink will run. All orders are sent to you by second class post. These are then placed inside a grey plastic mailing envelope and dispatched to you. Thank you for taking the time to view a Craft By You product. If you haven't found what you were looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help with any custom orders.Harry Potter hard to find themed wrapping paper sale is for 3 rolls of 20 square feet = 60 square feet total Christmas Wrapping Paper, new and factory sealed from a smoke free home.

Thank you for looking!! Books Harry Potter. Follow/Fav Wrapping Paper. By: IzzyBells. Sometimes you realize you have no wrapping paper when you're doing last-minute gift wrapping at midnight.

Usually this calls for either a Walmart run or a Walgreens run or a dollar store run. The dollar store happens to be closest. The dollar store happens to have a single register open.

Wrapping Paper Confetti – Instead of throwing all those left-overs into the recycling, make use out of them just one last time.

Use a shredder to turn your scraps into small pieces and sprinkle them over the middle of your dining room table to act as a centerpiece or fill cards for an unexpected greeting.

The paper should be cut along the lines to create the perfect shape and make your attractive gift. By cutting the wrapping paper, make sure there is enough space, at least one and a half times the size of the object on each side of the paper. And look at the adorable gift wrapping job my friend, Stephanie, did for Firefly’s present: You can see more great Harry Potter party ideas on my Harry Potter Obsession Pinterest board.

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