Doublenest vs single nest hammock

My first impression was positive because of the small, compacted sack the hammock arrived in and the easy set up. The straps were very effective. However, I did have to question if two people could actually sleep effectively together in the hammock. The straps allotted for different widths between trees or even can be used to set up on a sturdy pole.

Doublenest vs single nest hammock

More information on using a hammock for kayak-camping here. First Impressions Like most ENO products, the DoubleNest hammock is packed in its own snug little stuff sack with integrated compression strap, and is the size of the proverbial grapefruit.

The optional SlapStraps—nylon webbing for hanging your hammock—pack down to the size of the proverbial slices of wheat toast.

ENO doublenest v. ENO singlenest

The DryFly and Guardian BugNet are similarly delivered in compact bundles, making them easy to pack into the spare nooks of a kayak compartment or backpack. Altogether, this combination weighs 4. Depending on the season or climate of your backcountry trip, though, you can pack only the bits needed, making the system very modular and versatile, adapting to the circumstances.

Doublenest vs single nest hammock

When kayak-camping, weight is generally less a concern than space, and the modular components are more easily packed in a cargo hold.

The hammock itself is made of a silky, lightweight, breathable nylon with integrated, heavy-duty end loops and hardware-store-grade snap links I replaced mine with climbing carabiners. Several color combinations are available.

The ripstop nylon DryFly includes sturdy tieout points and guylines for staking, and the zippered BugNet is made of a black fine-mesh no-see-um netting.

In Camp The ENO SlapStraps or your own sturdy ropes are simply looped around the two trees, about feet above the ground, and each end of the ENO hammock clipped into them with the included snap links.

Once the hammock is rigged, the attached stuff sack in which it was packed serves as a convenient cargo pocket for headlamp, eyeglasses, and other personal items you may want to keep handy.

When camping during insect season, the Guardian BugNet provides indispensable protection. Slipped over the hammock and suspended by the included ridgeline, the BugNet expands and contracts with the hammock, and the sleeper enters and exits through a large vertical zipper on one side.

The no-see-um netting keeps out even the most persistent buggy pests. For protection from rain and sun, the ripstop-nylon DryFly provides ample coverage, rigged to the same two trees as the hammock, and staked out with six tent stakes.

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At first, a complete hammock rig such as the ENO can be a bit complicated to setup and adjust, but, like all things, gets faster and easier with practice.

Rigging the ridgeline and staking out the DryFly adds another few minutes; the whole thing takes little more time than a compact tent, without the need to look for a suitable flat, level spot. In The Long Run Aside from bedding down in the dirt like a woodland beast, there is perhaps no more immersive way to sleep than in a hammock.

Besides sleeping, a hammock is a comfortable place to simply laze around the campsite. Even when I plan to spend the night in a tent or Adirondack shelter, I often sling my ENO hammock between a couple of nearby trees or out on a solitary point of land overlooking the water for a bit of afternoon loafing.About ENO Flower of Life DoubleNest Hammock.

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pfmlures.comus enough for two people, ENO's Flower of Life DoubleNest hammock allows you and a friend or loved one to rest, relax and enjoy the beautiful views together!

The DoubleNest Hammock by Eagles Nest Outfitters, that's ENO and it reigns supreme among all camping hammocks and hammocks of all types. It’s ENO’s bread-and-butter, and your all-access pass to relaxation. This hammock is large enough for two people and palatial for one person.

The DoubleNest still manages to stuff easily into its attached.

Doublenest vs single nest hammock

Double the space, double the relaxation! Whether you want company or more room to yourself, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock has you covered.

I am a big guy and I was a bit concerned about getting the single nest after using my wife's double nest. I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone wanting a hammock. It sets up easy stores well and provides hours of relaxation/5().

The spacious and durable Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest is an excellent hammock for outdoor lovers. It's wide and tough enough to fit two people comfortably.

It's wide and tough enough to fit two people comfortably. Double vs Single for sleeping (pfmlures.comks) submitted 3 years ago by manrubc Hello all, I'm looking to purchase my first hammock and .

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