An exploration of christian education

North Africa during the Classical Period reconstruction of Hecataeus ' map of the world The Phoenicians explored North Africa, establishing a number of colonies, the most prominent of which was Carthage. Carthage itself conducted exploration of West Africa. The first circumnavigation of the African continent was probably made by Phoenician sailors, in an expedition commissioned by Egyptian pharaoh Necho IIin c. A report of this expedition is provided by Herodotus 4.

An exploration of christian education

Our apologetics online course will provide you with the philosophical, historical, and biblical knowledge to defend the truth-claims of Christianity. Through our apologetics courses, you will be provided with a deeper knowledge of Scripture for personal ministry or to strengthen your understanding of the Bible.

What is Christian Apologetics? Christian apologetics is the study and research of historical, evidential and reasonable facts to defend Christian theology. Individuals in Christian apologetics strive to find outside sources to reinforce the authenticity of the teachings found in the Bible.

Students receive this form of education through the exploration of hermeneutics, studying miracles within the Bible, and the history of Christian Apologetics. We know that many of our students are currently serving in a ministry or career and need the flexibility and structure that an online degree offers.

An exploration of christian education

For the gospel to be understood, it must be clearly communicated. Liberty University is proud to partner with you through an online degree as you prepare for a lifetime of effective ministry!

Christian apologists must be able to defend the Bible with confidence and intelligence. Through an exploration of the Old and New Testaments, you will study complex and fascinating topics such as miracles, the history of interpretation, and the intersection between faith and reason.

Because our apologetics courses integrate a biblical worldview into the curriculum, you can be confident that your training is preparing you with sound doctrine. With an online Christian Apologetics degree, you can strengthen your faith and prepare to defend your beliefs in your career and your ministry!The geography of North Africa has been reasonably well known among Europeans since classical antiquity in Greco-Roman pfmlures.comest Africa (the Maghreb) was known as either Libya or Africa, while Egypt was considered part of Asia..

European exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa begins with the Age of Discovery in the 15th century, pioneered by Portugal under Henry the Navigator.

Flaniken, Forrest, "Performance Appraisal Systems In Higher Education: An Exploration Of Christian Institutions" (). Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Strong Rock Christian School (SRCS) is committed to equipping teachers and students who will impact the world for Jesus Christ as evidenced by the academic pillar, which is overseen by Mrs.

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Judy Johnston. The basics of the Christian Faith - Christian Apologetics is a 12 week study complete with student curriculum and a leaders PowerPoint. Inspire learning & teach biblical values with Christian school & homeschool curriculum trusted since Discover proven textbooks, video lessons, & more.

Why Choose Liberty’s Master’s Degree in Christian Apologetics? Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics was created to provide quality education for those who desire to.

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