A personal account of the impact of the iron on body and personality

Philosophical assumptions[ edit ] Many of the ideas developed by historical and modern personality theorists stem from the basic philosophical assumptions they hold. The study of personality is not a purely empirical discipline, as it brings in elements of artscienceand philosophy to draw general conclusions.

A personal account of the impact of the iron on body and personality

Find out what your blood type says about your personality and health. Could blood type provide a key to wellness and even affect our personality? In Japan extensive research on blood type and personality began more than 60 years ago.

Blood type can be a valuable clue for understanding your own uniqueness. Today, it is even more common to hear the Japanese ask your blood type than it is for Americans to ask your astrological sign.

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To most Japanese both biology and genetics have a role in determining personality. I lived there from the ages of 12 to His theory focused on how blood type could indicate the foods and lifestyle choices most compatible for you.

Twenty six years later, I am certain it does have merit and is worth our attention. In fact, when I began working with children with autism, I quickly saw that 8 out of 10 of them are blood type "A".

An "A" myself, this told me a lot about the little bodies they were in and what their special needs were. While there is not a lot of "hard science" to date on blood type, it makes a lot of "common sense" to look further into this theory.

Blood carries the nutrients of foods into our cells and clearly not all blood is exactly the same. Peter found that eating the wrong lectins for your blood type could cause weight gain, early aging and immune problems. Blood Type and Personality There are four blood types: O, A, AB and B, with blood type A being the most common where so much research on blood types have been focused -- in Japan.

I find it interesting that the Japanese diet very much favors those with blood type A. Often bottling up anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode.

Many are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. While they are capable of leadership positions, they may not take them because the stress is not good for their tightly wired systems.

They have roles in discovering more about and refining science, economics, manufacturing, etc. Their research on microflora and other areas of medicine is some of the best and most meticulous in the world.

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They are perfectionists to say the least. Too much stress weakens their immunity more quickly than other blood types. It is not surprising to me that fermented foods like Miso and Natto play an important role in providing easily digested protein, in the Japanese Diet.

They also eat raw fish which is much easier to digest than cooked. Chameleon-like and flexible, they make good friends.

A personal account of the impact of the iron on body and personality

They may also have problems with hypoglycemia and blood sugar, especially if they eat the wrong foods. Blood Type AB - Tend to be very charming and popular.

Youll enjoy some exciting times together! Sometimes it is difficult to be an AB. When it comes to food choices and AB must discover when they are more B-like or A-like. For example, dairy foods like milk kefir can be excellent for them or not good at all.

Blood Type O - Tend to be loners or leaders and are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and daring.What does your blood type have to do with personality, health and lifestyle? It could make a difference when it comes to weight gain, early aging, immunity and more.

Account. Home; Blog; Keeping in mind the Body Ecology Principle of Uniqueness, blood type may be a way to modify Body Ecology guidelines for your own unique situation. For an easy understanding, the factors that effect personality are classified into two groups: (i) Biological Factors.

(ii) Environmental Factors Biological Factors. The biological factors are of biogenic by nature and include those of heredity, endocrine glands, physique and physical condition, nervous system, etc. James Roberts, a professor of marketing at Baylor University who has studied the effects of the Big 5 personality traits on online addiction, said a better understanding of the correlations can.

In the early years examining the links between genes and personality, it was typical for a study to examine self-reports of personality and compare the self-reports between fraternal twins—who. Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that studies personality and its variation among individuals.

It is a scientific study which aims to show how people are individually different due to psychological forces.

A personal account of the impact of the iron on body and personality

[1]. The constitution of an individual is an effective factor in determining the type of his Personality. There can be 3 bodily types of personality- (1) short and stout, (2) tall and thin, (3) muscular and well Proportioned.

We are always impressed by an individual who has a muscular and a well proportioned body.

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